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How does one lift up an insight of a giant out of undeserved anonymity?

Here we use vignettes – engaging, sticky... people and situation anecdotes. By combining them into threads, and threads into patterns, we condense the giants' key insights into a general idea that provides meaning and orientation.

And then there's the invisible elephant!

Perhaps the main reason why the best ideas of our best minds are still waiting to be discovered by us others is – paradoxically – that they do truly make a difference! To make sense, an idea must fit in snuggly with our other ideas, or into our shared paradigm. But as we mentioned – the best ideas of our best minds compose together an altogether different paradigm! And hence our giants appear to us as those proverbial blind men touching an elephant, each speaking excitedly about its different part.

We undertake to make a difference by describing the whole thing – and then showing how the pieces fit in and compose its different parts. As the organs of an elephant will only be truly understood when seen as functional parts of the whole big animal, so can the visions and contributions of our giants only be understood when seen in the context of the new order of things to which they are intended to contribute.

Elephant 01.jpg
By connecting the dots, we provide the context in which the best ideas of our best minds can be understood and appreciated. And what a sight it is!

– Digital technology could help make this a better world. But we've also got to change our way of thinking.

The story here (TBA) is about how the Silicon Valley failed to understand or even hear its genius in residence – even after having recognized him as that.

Already in 1968 Douglas Engelbart pointed to a better way for us to use our growing capability to create and induce change.