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Updating the way we think and collaborate

Debategraph is changing our collective mind

Having seen—by serving several terms in cabinet minister posts in Australia—that issues are habitually voted on without being understood, Peter Baldwin retired early, bought himself a home in Australian Highlands, and learned how to program.

Having received a philosophy doctorate from the University of Cambridge—where Bertrand Russell summarized for us the history of the Western philosophy, and Ludwig Wittgenstein warned us about its limitations—David Price undertook to revolutionize philosophy, by changing our collective mind hands on.

Together, Peter Baldwin and David Price created Debategraph—a technology-enabled prototype of a new collective mind; which enables any expert team, and us the people, to comprehend issues and craft solutions together; as Douglas Engelbart envisioned.

Debategraph, and David, stand on the shoulders of giants

Theoretically and conceptually, Debategraph belongs to the “issue-based information system” tradition; which was initiated in the 1960s and 70s by Horst Rittel of the U.C. Berkeley and his collaborators; as part of their research on “wicked problems”—the problems that are notoriously difficult to comprehend, or even define.

David is also a leader of Global Sensemaking

David Price is a co-founder and leader of a related project called Global Sensemaking—which hosts a 300-member community of researchers and developers of collaborative knowledge work media. One of them is Jeff Conklin, the author of “Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems”—where it is explained how “dialogue mapping” computer tools, of which Debategraph is the most widely used exemplar, can be combined with skilled facilitation to transform the usual ‘turf strife’ communication to collaborative co-creation of meaning and solutions.

David is Holotopia's dialog master

David Price has generously offered to guide our collective sense making on Debategraph; which will constitute the core of the Holotopia dialog.

A meaningfully serendipitous photo of David Price, immediately after the Earth Sharing project in Bergen.