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The first thing that must be said about the Holotopia prototype is that it radically changes the mood of our engagement with the future – from the still prevailing denial and now rapidly growing concern or even hopelessness, to optimism, inspired co-creation and appreciation of vast opportunities.

To undertake such a change without a solid plan would be worse than doing nothing. Holotopia includes a realizable plan – and undertakes to implement it in practice.

An insight makes Holotopia plausible – that our contemporary condition is similar to the situation at the dawn of the Enlightenment, from which science emerged. Also today a new approach to knowledge is ready to emerge, because we own all the insights that are needed to bring it into existence. It will help us engender a re-evolution in awareness, culture and social organization, similar in scale to the re-evolution in our understanding of natural phenomena and to industrialization, which science made possible. We refer to it by a metaphorical name, holoscope.

  • The five insights we've found sufficient to bring across the overarching insight that hologopia stands for – that a comprehensive change might be easy; and that an Enlightenment-like development is ready to take place.